Draft picks Raiders got right and a few they will regret

The Las Vegas Raiders picked eight times in the 2024 NFL Draft, and here are the picks they got right and wrong.
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Picks the Raiders could regret

After selecting the best player available across the first two rounds, Tom Telesco made a bit of a reach pick by selecting Delmar Glaze with the No. 77 overall pick. Most experts viewed Glaze as a Day 3 selection in this year's draft class, but with the Raiders missing out on the top-tier offensive tackles this year, Telesco had to make a move to fill this important position groups needs.

Glaze played both right and left tackle at Maryland, so he could develop into a solid swing tackle in the NFL. However, most Raiders fans were hoping for a Day 1 starter to put at right tackle alongside Kolton Miller, so passing up on an elite tackle in the first and second rounds could come back to haunt them.

Another big position of need going into the draft for the Raiders was at cornerback, and they finally picked one in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Decamerion Richardson was a solid cornerback in the SEC during his time at Mississippi State, but the pick we liked at No. 112 overall was TJ Tampa from Iowa State.

Maybe Richardson can come in and lock down the starting outside cornerback spot opposite Jack Jones in camp, but Tampa was seen by many as the best player available on Day 3, and filled a spot the Raiders desperately needed to. If Tampa becomes a star in the NFL, and Richardson is just a depth corner, this will be a big miss for Telesco and his staff.