Former Raiders draft target is already turning heads with AFC West rival

Time to smash that panic button.
NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

It's time to panic.

The Raiders may be in serious trouble. NFL rookie minicamps were this past weekend, meaning that it was the first time that all six teams that drafted QBs before the Raiders got their first look at the new guys. And you may think that three days of casually throwing passes in shorts and a t-shirt wouldn't really tell you much about how things are going to go, but you'd be wrong. So wrong.

And it gets worse. According to one single tweet, the QB that the Raiders were closest (positionally, at least) to drafting – Oregon's Bo Nix – already looks like a world-beater. And 'looks' is probably selling it short – he already *is* a world-beater. He's making all the throws, saying all the right things, and is more than ready to be Denver's next great franchise QB. Ugh. How many throws did Brock Bowers make this weekend?

It's hard to read for Raiders fans. Do you know how hard it is to hit all your receivers in stride at half-speed? And to be fully in command of the Day 1 installs? It's amazing how many NFL evaluators thought his arm strength was a concern when it was so obvious, from Day 1, than his arm strength is definitely not a concern. DEFINITELY not.

Honestly, life in the AFC West isn't fair for the Raiders. First they have to deal with Patrick Mahomes, and now they have to deal with the next Patrick Mahomes? Now they definitely need to go get a veteran pass rusher or cornerback, though it's not like that'll really matter. Bo Nix has arrived, already fully in command of the offense with NO concerns about his arm strength. All the Raiders can do is hope that he opts to be a free agent in 5 years and decides to take his talents out of the division.