Former Raiders first round pick lands a tryout with Cowboys

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals / Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

Like, half of the true football fan experience is just simply knowing Guys, and being able to name that at any time. If you're not locked and loaded with 5-6 names for every time someone on Twitter tries to farm engagement by asking people to Name Guys, then what are you even doing.

For instance: Gareon Conley. He's a Guy. And actually, he's a Guy that just got a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys:

Some Raiders content! If you don't have space in your brain to remember guys from 2017, Conley was drafted by the Raiders in the 1st round (24th overall) out of Ohio State. He appeared in 23 games for the Raiders, starting 20 of them. In 2019, he was traded to the Houston Texans, where he started 12 of the 14 games he appeared in with them.

Conley's been out of the league ever since, and was most recently playing with the DC Defenders in the UFL. Once the UFL season concludes on Sunday, it'll be interesting to see if Conley catches on anywhere in the NFL, Cowboys or otherwise. This has been your Wednesday edition of Naming Former Guys On The Raiders.