Former Raiders lineman sends strong message to Jackson Powers-Johnson

It's all very predictable.
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For better or for worse, Raiders' rookie offensive lineman Jackson Powers-Johnson has drawn a lot of comparisons to Richie Incognito. Both played for the Raiders and have a bit of a nasty streak (which is probably putting it lightly), and that's about it. But those two things are enough to make the connection, which explains why ESPN went to Incognito to chat about the rookie.

For the long-ranging profile on Powers-Johnson, Ingognito was asked about the comparisons, and how he thought that the Raiders' new guard would do against NFL competition.

Richie Incognito sends strong message to Jackson Powers-Johnson

"I think the comparisons are great," he said. "He carries himself like a bad ass. He's out there finishing plays. I think he's a great player. I really think that he's going to develop into a solid starter, a great starter ... he has the tenacity and he's out there giving great effort each and every play ... He has good footwork. He works in the guys' bodies, and he knows how to lift defenders off the line of scrimmage. So, great kid, athletic kid, hard worker, and I really think the zone game that they'll run next year will fit his skill set."

That's quite the scouting report all from just watching casual workouts against pads in shorts and a t-shirt, but that's neither here nor there. Incognito has yet to meet Powers-Johnson, according to the article, but surely there's someone in the Raiders' marketing and social media department already working to make it happen. I wouldn't blame any Raiders fans for not totally loving the inevitable comparisons to Incognito, but as far as on-field production is concerned, Las Vegas would be thrilled if Powers-Jackson was anywhere close.

The article is an interesting read on the Raiders rookie, and mentions all the prerequisite buzzwords you'll hear about offensive lineman: lunch pail, blue-collar, protector, etc. They have it all. So if you're just really in the mood for a deep dive on offensive lineman, today's the day for you.