Four big picture takeaways from Las Vegas Raiders vs 49ers

The Las Vegas Raiders dominated the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, and here are four big picture takeaways from the Week 1 victory.
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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Raiders rookie QB Aidan O'Connell looked poised and determined

Though Brian Hoyer had his helmet on prior to the game, prompting Vinny Bonsignore to tweet out that it looked like he would start, it was the 2023 fourth-round pick who got the nod on Sunday. Aidan O'Connell, donning the same No. 4 that Raiders fans have seen start over the last nine seasons, was poised in his NFL debut, and that could be a sign of things to come.

There is no doubt that O'Connell entered a perfect situation with the Raiders, as he is getting to learn under both Jimmy Garoppolo and Brian Hoyer. What I did not expect was for him to command the offense from the outset, leading a ten-play drive on his first possession, before finishing the first half with his first NFL touchdown pass.

For the game, O'Connell finished with a stat line of 15-of-18 passes, with two of his three incompletions being drops. O'Connell ran this offense perfectly for a kid making his NFL debut, showing confidence and a true understanding of the offense, while also displaying some unexpected elusiveness.