Four big picture takeaways from Las Vegas Raiders vs 49ers

The Las Vegas Raiders dominated the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, and here are four big picture takeaways from the Week 1 victory.
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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Raiders cuts are going to be tough business later this month

In most years, the cuts for the Las Vegas Raiders appear to be very evident, as the roster has been top-heavy with talent, and very thin at the bottom. That is not going to be the case this year, and a case in point is defensive tackle, where multiple players made big statements on Sunday against the 49ers.

It is an exciting summer for the Raiders, as they have added quality depth via free agency and the NFL Draft over the last two offseason. Dave Ziegler is building this roster up the way he sees fit, and while there have been some head-scratching moves along the way, you cannot argue that this was one of the more complete preseason games we have seen in some time.

Of course, Josh McDaniels was perfect during the 2022 preseason as well, so we have to take this win with a grain of salt. However, it was pretty clear that the Raiders were the deeper team on both sides of the ball in this one, and that will have a long-term effect when it comes time to get this roster to 53 men ahead of the matchup with Denver in Week 1 of the regular season.