Fans go wild over hilarious Gardner Minshew photo shoot

It hasn't taken long for Gardner Minshew to become a Las Vegas Raiders fan favorite.
Las Vegas Raiders QB Gardner Minshew.
Las Vegas Raiders QB Gardner Minshew. / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Gardner Minshew might not be the most talented quarterback in the NFL but he might have the most aura, as the kids like to say. Whether it's the mustache or the glorious long hair, fans love his style.

The NFL decided to take advantage of Minshew's zaniness and posted some of the funniest pics from his first photo shoot in Raiders gear.

This photoshoot immediately drew comparisons to the character Uncle Rico from the film Napoleon Dynamite, who Minshew has often been compared to in the past.

Needless to say, fans across the NFL loves the photoshoot.

Unfortunately, awesome photoshoots don't equate to wins. Minshew hasn't even won the Raiders' starting quarterback job. Aidan O'Connell winning the job would likely be better for the team long term but man, would it be fun to watch Minshew in Las Vegas.

Having him on the bench seems like a big missed opportunity for fun. Obviously, playing the quarterback who gives them the best chance to win is paramount and they may end up being Minshew. He certainly has a lot of fans on his side.

Some might be turned off by Minshew's lackadaisical personality but he's always proven to be a baller in his career. Even though he's not the most physically gifted quarterback, he always comes to play. The Raiders do have one of the weaker quarterback rooms in the NFL but it still should be better than what it was last year.

As long as Minshew is better than Jimmy Garoppolo, the Raiders offense should be better. That shouldn't be hard to do considering Garoppolo might have been the worst quarterback in the NFL last season. Raiders fans are rightfully concerned about the quarterback room but there's not much they can do about it right now outside of embracing Minshew and O'Connell.