How the Raiders fared in PFF’s positional rankings

PFF's annual positional rankings are out, and I dissect the Raiders' rankings here.
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ranking: #30: Aidan O’Connell/Gardner Minshew

My View: This feels a bit harsh, and I really don’t get it. Nobody is saying that either of these players will set the world on fire in 2024, but nobody should be saying they are among the worst in the league either. I would put this group at #25 and would not be shocked if they ended up performing better than that. People have to remember that both of these quarterbacks had a winning record in 2023 as starters, both had good statistics, and both will be playing with more weapons than they did the previous year. Neither of them are game changers but having Bryce Young ahead of these players after the rookie season he put together is laughable. Will Levis being ahead also confounds reason, as he was worse in almost every statistical category than AOC and Minshew. Rookies, outside of Caleb Williams, being ahead of two established quarterbacks does not make sense to me either, nor does putting Daniel Jones ahead of them, considering he was the third highest-rated quarterback on his own team, according to PFF themselves. I have high hopes that either of these players will outperform this ranking.