How the Raiders fared in PFF’s positional rankings

PFF's annual positional rankings are out, and I dissect the Raiders' rankings here.
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 Running Back

Ranking: #32: Zamir White

My View: There are a plethora of elite running backs currently in the NFL, so I understand an unproven guy like Zamir White falling down the list. I do not get him falling this far. To me, he is on a tier with guys like Jaylen Warren or Isiah Pacheco, and not Gus Edwards or Devin Singletary. The former ranked 15th and 19th while the latter ranked 30th and 31st. These rankings were a bit haphazard all the way around in my opinion, because a player like Rachaad White or James Cook should be head and shoulders above Najee Harris, but they are not. I would rank Zamir White 27th solely because of his inexperience, with Chuba Hubbard, Austin Ekeler, Edwards, Singletary, and Harris behind him, and there is an argument that White could have a better year than Warren or Pacheco. His final four games were superb, yet he receives no credit for the way he finished the year. He sat behind a top-10 running back, and when his opportunity came, he made the most of it. I am not sure what else Zamir could have done this past season to prove that he is ready to be a workhouse, but I cannot wait to watch him drastically outperform this ranking.