How the Raiders fared in PFF’s positional rankings

PFF's annual positional rankings are out, and I dissect the Raiders' rankings here.
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Offensive Tackle

Ranking: #10: Kolton Miller

My View: Kolton Miller has always been severely underrated in my opinion, and I am glad he is finally getting his flowers. He has been a rock on the Raiders' offensive line since his second season, and despite battling through injury in the second half of last year, he only gave up a pressure on 4.0% of dropbacks in 2023. The only disagreement I have with PFF’s list is that Kolton Miller should move up a spot to #9. Rashawn Slater is currently in that spot, and I am not sure how that is possible given his 59.5 run-blocking grade, which is barely in the top 50 of tackles in the league. In no way can you be considered this elite at your position if you mightily struggle in one of the major aspects of the game. For this reason, Miller moves up a spot in my opinion, but I will not complain too much about one of the ultimate Raiders finally getting the credit he deserves.