How the Raiders fared in PFF’s positional rankings

PFF's annual positional rankings are out, and I dissect the Raiders' rankings here.
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Edge Rusher

Ranking: #5: Maxx Crosby

My View: Outside of Myles Garrett, I do not think there is a better player at this position in the league. Maxx Crosby may not be the second-best pass rusher but being an edge should not just be about sacks. Crosby is absolutely the most productive player in the run game on this list, and his availability and the sheer number of snaps he played last season make him so incredibly valuable to the Raiders. For these reasons, I believe that Maxx Crosby should be the 2nd ranked edge rusher. With 23 tackles for loss and 90 total tackles each of the last two seasons, it is hard to fathom that anyone is affecting the game more than The Condor is. However, it is hard to argue that the reigning Defensive Player of the Year should be anywhere but #1 in his positional ranking. 

I also think that Malcolm Koonce or Tyree Wilson could sneak their way onto the list this year as well.