How the Raiders fared in PFF’s positional rankings

PFF's annual positional rankings are out, and I dissect the Raiders' rankings here.
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Ranking: Nobody Ranked.

My View: Robert Spillane deserves to be on this list, plain and simple. He had a 77.0 overall grade from PFF last season and was 12th in the league with 96 tackles as well as tied for fourth at his position with 3 interceptions. He played all 17 games and was a focal point for the Raiders' defense, which ended up as a top-10 unit. For reference, the 26th-ranked linebacker, Logan Wilson, has only had 1 season where he had a grade above 65.0, and it was not in 2023. It is also mind boggling that Spillane is left off the list while Devin Lloyd sits at #17 with a nearly identical overall PFF grade. Spillane should be in the top 20 of NFL linebackers. PFF put players on this list ahead of him who have coverage grades as low as 29.8, so there is no excuse for Spillane being left off the list completely.