Jack Jones' versatility on display at Raiders minicamp

Jack Jones was a star wide receiver in high school and perhaps the Las Vegas Raiders could take advantage of his skillset.
Las Vegas Raiders CB Jack Jones.
Las Vegas Raiders CB Jack Jones. / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Jack Jones has been a massive steal for the Las Vegas Raiders. The team was able to pick him up off waivers last season when the New England Patriots cut him. He quickly became one of the team's starting cornerbacks and best defenders.

Jones now appears to be a player the Raiders want to build around and his versatility may allow the team to get creative with him. Many may not know that he was a star wide receiver in high school. Over his junior and senior years at Long Beach Poly, he caught a combined 106 passes for 1,556 yards.

Notably, at Raiders' mandatory minicamp, Jones was seen hopping into a wide receiver drill for one rep. While many mistakenly reported he was taking reps at wide receiver, Levi Edwards of Raiders.com made it clear that he only tried it out for one drill but was getting a lot of work as a kick returner.

It doesn't sound like the Raiders have plans to convert him to a wide receiver but it does bring up a fun conversation. Charles Woodson caught a couple of passes for the team during his tenure and perhaps Jones has similar verstaility.

We don't see two-way players in the NFL anymore and that's a shame. If Jones can be a playmaker, there's no reason to not utilize him. Regardless, it is notable that Jones is getting work as a kick returner. New NFL rules will make having an elite kick returner more advantageous.

Coaches expect to see a lot more kicks returned and Jones knows how to make plays with the ball in his hands. The Raiders have enough good pass catchers to not need Jones to take any offensive snaps but he could be an asset in the return game. Kick returner is definitely a position to watch closely in the coming months.