10 bold predictions for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2023

With training camp kicking off this week, we take a look at ten bold predictions for the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders.

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
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Divine Deablo leads the NFL in tackles

If the Las Vegas Raiders defense is to do anything of substance this season, they are going to need the linebacker group to step up in a big way. Sure, the defensive backfield has been terrible, as has the defensive line outside of Maxx Crosby, but the linebacker corps are thin this season, and could be a real liability.

However, despite the numbers being down, and maybe the talent being thin as well, there is one player who I believe will have a big season for the Raiders. Divine Deablo goes into Year 3 in the NFL with some lofty expectations, as he will wear the green dot in Patrick Graham's defense, and be expected to lead a group that could struggle in a big way in 2023.

For Deablo, the future is bright, and at the time he was injured last season, only eight games in, he was leading the Raiders in tackles with 80. That is an incredible mark for only half a season, and with him being on the field more in 2023, and getting the bulk of opportunities, I expect a monster season from him, possibly leading the NFL in tackles.