A Fan’s Guide to Surviving the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders Season

Are you a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders? Here is a survival guide for the 2023 NFL season.
Maxx Crosby before Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Maxx Crosby before Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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It’s incredible. I’ve felt unenthused about the Raiders all year, but the moment training camp arrived, that feeling lessened, and seeing those Silver and Black uniforms on the field ignited a childlike excitement inside of me.

But even that novelty will wear off, and my pessimism will dial up after the first turnover or blown coverage in Week 1. The incomparably disappointing 2022 season burnt me out and the underwhelming 2023 offseason kept me feeling – blah – about the upcoming season.

But let me be clear! I haven’t missed a Raiders game since the 1999 season. And I’m not stopping now. So how do you survive a 17-game season when expectations are minimal?

Managing your own expectations of the 2023 Raiders is important to do before Week 1. The franchise is, perhaps, the most unpredictable in the NFL in recent years. There are a few realities that you must accept heading into this season.

This isn’t meant to be positive or negative. It’s just meant to be real. It’s meant to serve as a compass any time you find yourself feeling extremely up or down this season – something Raiders fans are guilty of following the outcome of any given game. Only when you accept these five realities, will you be able to enjoy the mysterious season ahead where the Raiders could be good or bad or both. Here they are…