A Fan’s Guide to Surviving the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders Season

Are you a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders? Here is a survival guide for the 2023 NFL season.

Maxx Crosby before Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Maxx Crosby before Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Remember: You know the Raiders better than the national media does.

I’ve heard everything from the 2023 Raiders being a three-win team to an on-the-bubble playoff team. The national media covers the entire league. They are not experts on one team. You, however, consume your team 24/7 all year long. You know the Raiders better than they do. Don’t let the national media sway you.

Think for yourself. If you do that this season, it’ll be much more enjoyable to watch.

The playoff-clinching Raiders probably overperformed in 2021. The 6-10 Raiders underperformed in 2022. So, I’m guessing they’re probably right around a .500 record in 2023. As pessimistic as I want to be after decades of disappointment, I just can’t see them declining from last year’s record.

Especially considering they were just one problem away from being a playoff team last year.

So remember, thirty-one teams have a disappointing end to the season every year. That disappointment obviously varies based on the level of excitement entering the season. Embracing the five realities I mentioned, will allow you to better manage the inevitable disappointment of the 2023 Raiders, a team that’s very much in transition, and focus on what matters --- the long-term growth of the team you love, until one day they are not one of those other thirty-one teams.