Las Vegas Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Superlatives

We dive into the Las Vegas Raiders 2024 NFL Draft class, handing out some superlatives including highest ceiling, favorite pick, and much more.
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Highest Ceiling: Brock Bowers

Just because he was the Raiders first round pick, it does not automatically mean that Brock Bowers has the highest ceiling in this draft. The reason for him being picked for this superlative is due to the fact that he has the skill set to be an All-Pro down the line, as he is an incredible playmaker with the ball in his hands.

Bowers is a rare prospect, and some feel that he could become a generational talent in the Silver and Black. Las Vegas does have to figure out who will throw him the ball this season, but overall, Bowers should have a ton of catches in Year 1, and his arrival should take some of the pressure off of Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers on the outside.

Requiring the most patience: Decamerion Richardson

Going into the 2024 NFL Draft, everybody in Raider Nation was starving for the Silver and Black to bring in an elite talent at cornerback. However, instead of filling those needs with their first three selections, the Raiders brought in a tight end and two offensive linemen, not selecting their first defensive player until Day 3.

The first pick they made on Day 3 finally addressed the concerns at cornerback, but patience is going to be needed with Decamerion Richardson. Yes, he is a capable tackler, and was a star in the SEC, but as we saw with Jakorian Bennett during the last draft cycle, too big of expectations can pressure on a player to be a starter right out of the gate, and Richardson may not be a starter going into Week 1.