Las Vegas Raiders: 3 best Week 1 games in the last decade

With Week 1 on the horizon, take a trip down memory lane of the Las Vegas Raiders recent opening day games.
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders
San Francisco 49ers v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2019: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

2019 was a much different time for the members of Raider Nation as the entire fanbase was united in the hope that maybe Antonio Brown could put all the craziness behind him and play for them in week one. 

Instead, he would be released from the team just days before the team's week one opener against the Denver Broncos, leaving uncertainty around an offense that was built around his elite skillset.

However, when the game started it was clear that the Raiders were not lacking in offensive firepower as rookie running back Josh Jacobs looked like a seasoned vet, and training camp standout Darren Waller looked the part of an elite tight end. 

So when Tyrell Williams caught a Derek Carr touchdown pass on the first drive, it sent O.Co Coliseum into a fever pitch upon the realization they didn’t need “AB”. 

What followed was more of the same from the Raiders' offense as the team emphatically announced they would be just fine with their new additions as Williams finished with 105 yards and a touchdown, and Waller had 70 yards of his own. 

However, the story was undoubtedly the rookie Jacobs who finished with 113 total yards and two touchdowns in his NFL debut. The Raiders would end up winning the game 24-16 although it never felt close and Raider Nation got to enjoy a rivalry win in week one.