Las Vegas Raiders: 3 college coaches who could take over for Josh McDaniels

The inevitable has mercifully and finally come to an end for Josh McDaniels as the Raiders head man. Here are some college choices to consider.
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Could the Raiders lure Kirby Smart from Georgia?

What else is there to do at the college level for Kirby Smart? He is on pace for a three-peat and currently runs the sport. He's done it with rare specimens on defense and savvy veteran leadership on offense. He can recruit at the highest level in the nation's finest conference. Jumping to the NFL should be his next destination to advance his coaching career and prove he can do it at the center stage.

He did sign a 10 year deal that made him the richest coach in college a year ago. It's not impossible to pry him away from Georgia, but it most certainly wouldn't be cheap. Giving him full control of the organization is the only way to go in that situation. The likelihood of that happening are slim though.

He is on top of the world and there is no end in sight with his endless pursuit of five star talent to stack the Bulldogs yearly. Smart has it made in the shade at Georgia, so why would he want to leave for such a dysfunctional organization?