Las Vegas Raiders: 3 college coaches who could take over for Josh McDaniels

The inevitable has mercifully and finally come to an end for Josh McDaniels as the Raiders head man. Here are some college choices to consider.

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A Jim Harbaugh reunion with the Raiders?

Three years ago Harbaugh was on his way out of Ann Arbor after going 2-4 through a covid-littered season, but now he could leave because of his own intentions. His enemies are out to get him since he turned Michigan into a powerhouse again. A new contract has been discussed, but it may be too late as this could be the last straw that pushes him off the deep end. Could he be willing to leave his beloved alma mater and chase a ring again?

Harbaugh hasn't been in the league for a decade and would be a retread hire, but he's clearly the most proven here. He did get San Francisco to the Super Bowl and has won at every stop that the road has taken him. The only knock against him would be that he rubs people the wrong way with his quirkiness and the fact that he wears out his welcome.

He'll bring a smash-mouth, run first offense to Vegas with a defense that doesn't break. Plus he has unfinished business in the pros that he has yet to accomplish. Harbaugh would be a grand slam hire by Mark Davis, especially if he wins the playoff national championship in January. Out of the three, he's the most realistic one, but Michigan is reportedly on the verge of giving him a lifetime contract extension.