Las Vegas Raiders: 4 reasons why Aidan O'Connell Should Start

Las Vegas Raiders fans are more united than ever in their support for young quarterback Aidan O'Connell. Here are 4 reasons why he needs to start this weekend.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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If you're an active member of Raider Nation on the internet, you've likely witnessed an intense division within the Las Vegas Raiders fan base over the past five years or so. The first major battle was whether the Raiders should leave Oakland for Las Vegas, and as we know, things worked out a certain way.

The next battle revolved around whether Khalil Mack was worth the money as the highest-paid defensive player ever. After that, it was a debate about whether Jon Gruden was a good coach, followed by a lengthy discussion about Derek Carr's ability to be a franchise quarterback. Most recently, the debate has centered around Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo's suitability for this franchise.

We're not interested in rehashing these past issues, but we do want to point out that only one man has managed to unite Raider Nation, and that's rookie quarterback Aidan O'Connell. Garoppolo suffered a concussion during the week 3 game against Pittsburgh, and it's highly unlikely he'll start against the Chargers in week 4. This has led many to believe that Josh McDaniels will start Brian Hoyer, but nearly everyone in Raider Nation has been calling for O'Connell to start against the hated division rival.

Here are 4 reasons why, regardless of Jimmy Garoppolo's health status, Aidan O'Connell should start on Sunday.

Las Vegas Raiders: 4 reasons why Aidan O'Connell Should Start