Las Vegas Raiders: 4 reasons why Aidan O'Connell Should Start

Las Vegas Raiders fans are more united than ever in their support for young quarterback Aidan O'Connell. Here are 4 reasons why he needs to start this weekend.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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4. The Raiders have nothing to lose at this point by starting Aidan O'Connell

This applies more in the situation if Jimmy Garoppolo is unable to play on Sunday but if Garoppolo is healthy, then the conservative Josh McDaniels will likely go with his starting quarterback despite his struggles so far this season. McDaniels has shown a propensity for taking the safer choice and he would likely do so if given the chance against the Chargers.

However if Jimmy Garoppolo is unable to play, then the Raiders have absolutely nothing to lose by playing O'Connell. We know that they signed Hoyer for depth and because of his familiarity with the McDaniels' scheme, but we don't believe for one second that they think they can beat the Chargers with him at quarterback. Add to this that the Raiders are currently 1-2 and could be staring 1-5 in the face with visits from Green Bay and New England in the next 2 weeks.

If Josh McDaniels does indeed have the job security that many believe he has, with owner Mark Davis hesitant to make wholesale changes during the season, then he needs to take the chance and see what the team has in the rookie. if the Raiders go into So-Fi with Hoyer and get destroyed then the calls for McDaniels' job will be louder than ever.

If they go into the game with O'Connell as the starter, then Raider Nation may be more forgiving if the result doesn't go their way. At this point, McDaniels approval rating is at an all-time low with this fan base and starting the popular rookie could be an easy win for him among Raider Nation.

All we can say now is, give the kid a chance!