Las Vegas Raiders absolutely cannot let Antonio Pierce get away

The Las Vegas Raiders have found their next head coach, as Antonio Pierce has brought the team back to life since taking over.

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders Pierce no stranger to winning

If the 2023 season isn’t enough, Pierce was a vocal leader who produced results long before this season. Fifteen years ago, he was a captain of the Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

I think there’s value in Pierce’s career as an NFL player as it relates to coaching. Again, something that a lot of coordinators aspiring to be head coaches do not have.

But it’s not just the coordinators that Davis will interview. It’s also the big-name head coaches with a successful track record that are attractive to a historic franchise like the Raiders. (for whatever it’s worth, I really wanted Jim Harbaugh in 2022)

What does Pierce have that those guys don’t? The locker room.

This is something that’s earned, not given. He has the ears of the players – especially the captains and franchise players. The Raiders could be 2-3 years away from where Dan Campbell’s Lions are right now – we’re that close. I’d rather roll the dice on the young head coach we already have, who could be the guy for the next decade, rather than bring in an old veteran head coach to over-pay and lose the locker room.