Las Vegas Raiders: Why Davante Adams will retire in the Silver and Black

The Raiders star wide receiver has been in a sea of trade rumors after the Las Vegas Raiders' 1-3 start. Here are a few reasons why Davante Adams will remain with the Silver and Black forever.
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams, WR #17
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams, WR #17 / Harry How/GettyImages
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From a financial standpoint, it would be hard to move on from Davante Adams.

So, say there was a team that genuinely wanted Davante Adams; they would have to offer quite the cap relief to even think about a trade possibly happening.

As of now, Adams possesses roughly $145 million in cap hits over the next five seasons. A team would have to pull off salary cap magic to make a deal feasible, in addition to him and the Raiders agreeing to make him available on the market.

Additionally, the future could be brighter for the Silver and Black sooner rather than later.

If the Raiders poor start lasts all season, Davante Adams will likely have a new coach and top collegiate quarterback.

If the 2024 NFL Draft were to start today, the Las Vegas Raiders would possess the third overall selection behind the Chicago Bears' top two back-to-back choices. Of course, there is plenty of season left; however, the team is not in an ideal situation.

With Jimmy Garoppolo's injury status fluctuating week by week and Josh McDaniels' abysmal and conservative playcalling - it's not out of the question if the Raiders end the season with a top-five draft selection. With stars like USC's Caleb Williams and North Carolina's Drake Maye highlighting next year's collegiate quarterback class, there is plenty of excitement if Adams was on the receiving end of either in 2024.

However, should one quarterback on the roster impress in other starting opportunities in 2023, Davante just may be even more content with that.