Las Vegas Raiders: 3 fringe players who are worth keeping on the 2023 53-man roster

The Las Vegas Raiders have to set their 53-man roster next week, and here are three fringe players worth keeping on the roster.

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Raiders: 3 fringe players worth keeping on the 2023 53-man roster

Isaiah Pola-Mao

Pola-Mao is the only non-rookie on this list, but he was also a undrafted rookie free agent a year ago. Stetson Bennett gifted him a pick six in the Rams win last weekend. From all accounts on social media Pola-Mao has had a camp that is worthy of consideration to make the 53 man roster. Working on his coverage skills and getting faster should be his main goals to be a mainstay in Vegas.

He actually had a productive rookie campaign during 11 games played in 2022. He'll be battling with Chris Smith and Rod Teamer for the first one off the bench behind the starters. Keeping all five safeties is plausible. Teamer would likely get the nod over Pola-Mao because he makes more consistent plays if they choose to let him walk.

Out of the three mentioned here, Pola-Mao may be in need of having the all or nothing performance when facing Dallas this weekend. His freakish size is intriguing too. Defensive backs who are as big as he is and have a hall of fame uncle to learn from are projects that defensive coaches love to manage.