What Josh Jacobs return means to the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders All-Pro running back is returning at exactly the right time.
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #28
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #28 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Josh Jacobs enters yet another contract year with the Raiders.

With the NFL running back market hitting an all-time low, the Raiders' back has a prime opportunity. Should Jacobs have another All-Pro caliber year, like in 2022 or better, he may be the light in the darkness for running backs getting paid what they are worth next offseason.

That being said, for Jacobs to top what he achieved last year would be a sight to see; however, it can be done. The former Alabama Crimson Tide standout will be entering his second year in Josh McDaniels' system behind the same starting offensive line as he had last season. While there was some fluctuation in where players started, the core is the same, and additional pieces can be plugged in without skipping a beat.

In addition, with a more efficient starting quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo - the efficiency of the Raiders' starting back should also increase along with some potentially more explosive plays like the one seen below.

Moreover, there is another positive aspect of this past offseason for the NFL's leading rusher in 2022.