What Josh Jacobs return means to the Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders All-Pro running back is returning at exactly the right time.

Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #28
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #28 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Jacobs will be at full health entering the season for the first time in his career.

Unlike years in the past, Josh Jacobs will be entering the 2023 campaign with a clean bill of health. With no preseason action or mandatory team activities, the tread on the team's 5th year back should be fresh. Additionally, the Raiders' aerial attack should be able to alleviate some pressure on their starters' workload carrying the football.

Overall, his return is the last loose end for a chaotic offseason of headlines for the Silver and Black.

From Derek Carr to Josh Jaocbs, the Raiders offseason has come full circle - for the better.

When former starting quarterback Derek Carr was released in March, the organization had more questions than answers. Furthermore, when the team drafted a pass rusher with their 7th overall draft selection in April's draft, many were confused about the direction the team was going in, even moreso.

The cherry on top of the sundae was Josh Jacobs holding out and possibly not returning to the team or speculation of him requesting a trade. However, as of today - the team has answers in every one of these aspects. Jacobs' situation was arguably the largest as he is the heart and soul of the Silver and Black's offense. Now - the team will have a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo, Tyree Wilson, and a hungry running back looking to make a name for himself again this season.

The loose ends for the Raiders are tied, and at full strength - this team can compete with any opponent.

Most importantly, life is easier when you have an All-Pro running back in the backfield rather than not.