Ranking Raiders last 10 first-round draft picks from bust to best

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2. Josh Jacobs (Drafted 24th overall in 2019)

With their second of three picks in the first round of the 2019 draft, the Raiders decided to take an untraditional path and take a running back. Josh Jacobs made sure they wouldn't regret it, however, immediately breaking onto the scene as a rookie by rushing for 1,150 yards and seven touchdowns while tallying another 166 yards as a pass-catcher. He was crowned Offensive Rookie of the Year for his efforts that year.

Jacobs continued to run roughshod over opponents, rushing for 1,065 yards and 12 touchdowns in Year 2, 872 yards and nine scores in Year 3, and a whopping 1,653 yards and 12 trips into the end zone in Year 4. Jacobs' insane performance during the 2022 season led to him holding out for a new contract.

While the Raiders did eventually sign Jacobs to a new contract, it was only for one year. Jacobs had a career-low in rushing yards (805) and rushing touchdowns (6) during the 2023 season and went on to sign with the Packers in the 2024 offseason. While Jacobs at one time could have been considered the best pick the Raiders have had in their last 10 attempts, he's been bumped off the top spot since he signed elsewhere.