Is Jimmy Garoppolo the leader the Las Vegas Raiders have been waiting for?

The Las Vegas Raiders have a true leader under center in veteran Jimmy Garoppolo.

Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, #10
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, #10 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

When you think of a leader, what comes to your mind in football? The terms 'talented,' 'great teammate,' and 'winner' would come to your mind. For the Las Vegas Raiders and their new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, he embodies those three words - and then some.

The new starter for the Silver and Black possesses a 40-17 win/loss record in the regular season. While also having an impressive 4-2 record in the postseason. While football is a team sport and 'wins' aren't necessarily a quarterback stat - Jimmy G is the consummate teammate by all accounts measured.

Jimmy G's Impact With the Raiders is Already Tangible

NFL Network's Omar Ruiz was one of the first people outside of the Raider coaching staff and players to notice Garoppolo's impact.

A player who has a strong command of the huddle is quintessential. However, at times, quarterbacks let their title get to their head and believe they are 'above' others in some regard. For a player with the resume of Jimmy Garoppolo's, one would think he would carry around some form of arrogance.

However, new teammate Maxx Crosby says he is a 'dog' who is highly competitive at the end of the day. In a press conference in March, the new Silver and Black signal-caller even said it himself.

It's about putting in the work, and the former San Francisco 49er has a resume of putting in the work while earning the respect of his teammates.

Jimmy Garoppolo Was Beloved by his 49ers Teammates Because He Was a Leader.

The new Raiders quarterback spent five and a half years with his former team, the San Francisco 49ers. While he missed some games due to injury, every time he came back - his teammates made sure he was always welcome when he was on the field. Former All-Pro teammate George Kittle said of his former QB: "When Jimmy's rolling, I think we're rolling. He's a hell of a leader out there, and he really inspires us to play our best ball."- via NBCSports

At the end of the day, he is a quarterback who has played a considerable part in the 49ers' recent success, which he gets the job done by any means necessary for the betterment of the team.

For the Las Vegas Raiders, a quarterback who does whatever it takes to win on the field, whether with his arms, legs, or presence, has been lacking for quite some time. At the end of the day, it's about the team winning, and there is no denying the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo is a proven winner. His reunion with head coach Josh McDaniels should rejuvenate his career once more.

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