Las Vegas Raiders: Nate Hobbs was born to be a Raider

The Las Vegas Raiders revamped defense will lean heavily on Nate Hobbs in 2023, and he was born to be a Raider.

Nate Hobbs at Allegiant Stadium for Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Nate Hobbs at Allegiant Stadium for Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Hobbs battles injuries in Year 2

Early in his second season, Hobbs broke bones in his left hand during a close game at Kansas City on Monday Night Football. Despite the broken bones, Hobbs returned to the field with a cast and played 57 of the 72 defensive snaps. Unbelievable toughness, that only the son of Denise could have. Against the division rivals. If he wasn’t a Raider already, he solidified his place in Silver and Black folklore that night.

A few days later, Hobbs posted on his Instagram, “Broke bones in my hand and had a choice. I told them do whatever they had to do to put me back on the field [with] my brothers. I’ll figure the rest out myself. I done took my share of L’s and stood face to face with enough fear. I AIN’T HIDING I’M RIGHT HERE.”

For those who don’t remember this game, it felt like a must-win. The Raiders started 0-3 that season, won the prior week and this was the last game before the bye week. Not to mention the momentum they would’ve gained by winning at Arrowhead. It was a pivotal moment in the season. Hobbs understood the moment and sacrificed his body because of it. The Raiders lost by one point, but the already respected Nate Hobbs gained more admiration from the locker room and the fan base that night.

Despite missing the next six games due to the injury, Hobbs still finished the 2022 season with a career-high 72 tackles and started all 11 games when he was healthy.