Las Vegas Raiders: It is not time for rookie QB Aidan O'Connell

The Las Vegas Raiders were beaten badly by the Buffalo Bills in Week 2, but that does not mean it is time for Aidan O'Connell to supplant Jimmy Garoppolo.
Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
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1. The Raiders lost in the trenches on Sunday vs Buffalo

On paper, you can see the fact that Garoppolo had multiple interceptions against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday, However, watching the game, the first interception was tipped on a potential screen that would have went for solid yardage, and the second was taken off of Josh Jacobs's head.

Across his first two games as a Raider, Garoppolo does have a few interceptions, but the offensive line did him no favors on Sunday. While they looked great against Denver, the offensive line allowed Buffalo to get incredible push up the middle of the offensive line, and in the end, forced Garoppolo to have to move around in the pocket before releasing the football.

On a few occasions, Garoppolo was able to extend the play, connecting with his wide receiver downfield. O'Connell has never taken an NFL snap in a regular season game, and pressure like what the Bills were getting on Sunday would not only cause turnovers, but could severely hurt the young quarterback's confidence moving forward.

I am not saying that O'Connell won't get his shot this season if Jimmy G continues to turn the ball over, and the Raiders continue to get blown out, but not after one loss.