Las Vegas Raiders: It is not time for rookie QB Aidan O'Connell

The Las Vegas Raiders were beaten badly by the Buffalo Bills in Week 2, but that does not mean it is time for Aidan O'Connell to supplant Jimmy Garoppolo.

Las Vegas Raiders Training Camp
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2. Jimmy Garoppolo proved he can win close games in Week 1

Let us all not forget that after the Week 1 victory against the Denver Broncos, the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo was brought in to be the team's quarterback was seen as a stroke of genius. With the Raiders leading with a little over five minutes to go in the game, Garoppolo did what Derek Carr struggled to do time and time again, and that was to close out the game.

Sure, Carr had plenty of comeback victories as the quarterback of the Raiders, but how many times have we seen a small lead fade away in the fourth quarter. Garoppolo's veteran savvy was on display against the Broncos, especially late, when he ran for a first down, stayed in bounds, and put the Broncos away for good.

O'Connell may end up being a solid NFL quarterback, and could very well be the long-term solution at the position, but it is way too early to turn to him. Garoppolo showed in Week 1 what he brings to the table, especially with the game on the line, and if the Raiders get back into those kind of situations, having a veteran like him is a much better option than a rookie.