4 players Raiders gave up on too early

Who are some of the more notable players the Raiders have given up on?

Raiders, Khalil Mack
Raiders, Khalil Mack / Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages
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Over the past decade or so, the Las Vegas Raiders have made some questionable roster decisions. Even going further back than that, the Raiders have given fans a bit of anxiety from some of the moves they've made.

Looking at the history of the team, and particularly over the last decade and a half or so, the Raiders have had some great players come through. But, the organization has opted to give up on those guys far too early.

In some instances, "early" means after just a few seasons. In others, it could mean that certain players should have been Raiders for life.

Who are those players, and what would have happened had the Raiders held on?

Latavius Murray, RB

To begin his career, it looked like running back Latavius Murray was on his way to becoming one of the better, all-around backs in the league. In his first season, Murray saw limited action. However, in his second season, he ran for 1,066 yards and scored six times. The following year, he finished with 12 rushing touchdowns, doubling his previous season's total.

Yet, despite racking up almost 3,000 total yards from scrimmage in three seasons, Oakland allowed Murray to leave and sign with the Minnesota Vikings in free agency. It felt, though, that had Murray stayed with the Raiders, he could have kept a good thing going.

Murray showed the ability to be a multi-talented back who could not just run the ball but be effective in the receiving game. In those three seasons, he totaled over 500 receiving yards on 91 receptions. This might be an unrelated take, but for those who played fantasy football back in those years, Murray was an exciting find. He looked like he'd begin to show himself as a dynasty stud. Yet, after he left Oakland, he remained in the more middling ground.