Ranking the top 5 Raiders quarterbacks of all-time

Which quarterbacks other than Derek Carr make our all-time Raiders list?

Raiders, Derek Carr
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The 2023 offseason saw the Raiders make a big move at quarterback, moving on from longtime franchise passer Derek Carr and turning to veteran Jimmy Garoppolo.

Will it pan out? We'll have to see.

Speaking of quarterbacks, though, where do Carr and the rest of the organization's greats rank all-time? How would you order the top five passers in team history? Believe it or not, it's actually pretty simple.

Let's rank 'em now.

5. Jim Plunkett

Checking in at number five could be a guy some might consider to be a bust, overall, Jim Plunkett was the first overall pick out of Stanford back in 1971, when the New England Patriots selected him. He would go on to play five seasons with the Patriots and two in San Francisco before joining the Raiders.

Then, Plunkett's NFL career would go on another eight years with the Raiders, where he still now sits number five all-time in passing yards. During his time with the silver and black, Plunkett threw for 12,665 yards, 80 touchdowns and 81 interceptions.

He never made a Pro Bowl, nor an All Pro team. Plunkett never led the league in passing yards, touchdowns or any other major category. For most of his career, he was simply average. For a number one overall pick, his career could be considered largely a disappointment. But, within context, Plunkett comes in at no. 5 all-time, here.