Ranking the top 5 Raiders quarterbacks of all-time

Which quarterbacks other than Derek Carr make our all-time Raiders list?
Raiders, Derek Carr
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2. Ken Stabler

How's this for a nice find? The Raiders snagged a future Hall of Fame quarterback in the second round, at pick 52 overall, back in 1968.

Between Gannon and Ken Stabler, things are real close. You could argue one or the other for taking the no. 2 spot, but the biggest difference and deciding factor is Stabler bringing home the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XI.

Stabler's 150 touchdowns and 143 interceptions give him a much worse overall ration than Gannon (114 to 50), and Gannon also owns a better career completion percentage (62.6 versus 59.9). Stabler, though, did play longer and won 24 more games than Gannon. When Stabler hung up his cleats, he boasted a career record of 69-26-1 with the Raiders. Only Lamonica has a better winning percentage having played over 60 games.

The other thing Stabler can say he has on Gannon is the fact that he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which Gannon cannot yet say and might never be able to say.

Fun fact about Stabler: His 10 straight playoff games with a touchdown pass was an NFL record at one point.