4 reasonable expectations for the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 2

The Las Vegas Raiders are on the road in NFL Week 2 to face the Buffalo Bills; here are a few reasonable expectations before the AFC clash.

Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #8
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs, Running Back #8 / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Expect the Raiders defense to have plenty of opportunities to generate turnovers.

There is no secret that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen likes to air the ball out. So much so, at times, that he becomes careless with the football. On Monday night against the N.Y. Jets, Allen threw three interceptions, had two fumbles, and lost one.

The majority of the turnovers were preventable.

For a defense that forced zero turnovers last week, expect them to have more opportunities against a more explosive offense.

Expect this game to turn into an offensive shootout.

Before this matchup, both teams were expected to have high-flying and potent offenses. In Week 1, neither team lived up to the hype. However, with both teams having struggling defenses - this game could turn into a high-scoring affair sooner rather than later.

With offensive superstars on both teams, it is not out of the question if both clubs score in at least the 30's, if not the 40's. Ultimately, the game can come down to who has the ball last and who cares more for the ball. Expect a fun and exciting matchup littered with fireworks for both squads on Sunday in Buffalo, New York.