3 reasons not to give up on Raiders season (yet)

It was an ugly Week 2, but the Raiders have plenty of time to figure it out

Los Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs
Los Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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2. The rest of the division is still open

Fortunately, it is still very early in the season. While you can say that for just about any team in the league right now, it's especially true for the Raiders. Just look at the rest of the division, for a minute.

The Los Angeles Chargers were supposed to be a legitimate threat in the AFC this year. Justin Herbert is healthy. He has all the weapons he needs at his disposal. But once again, the Chargers are falling short of expectations as they do regularly. At 0-2, Los Angeles is searching for answers.

The Denver Broncos don't look like a threat, although I wouldn't go so far as to totally bet against Sean Payton just yet. The fact is, though, they're 0-2 and heading in the wrong direction it seems.

Then, there's the Kansas City Chiefs at 1-1, who came away with having scored just 17 points in Week 2 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, although they did end with the win. Do the Chiefs have more questions than answers right now? Only time will tell. The point is, the Raiders have no reason to panic within this division just yet.