3 reasons not to give up on Raiders season (yet)

It was an ugly Week 2, but the Raiders have plenty of time to figure it out

Los Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs
Los Vegas Raiders, Josh Jacobs / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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3. Aidan O'Connell could turn things around

Going along with the "it's still early" narrative, that also means there is plenty of time for changes to be made. One of the changes that many Raiders fans want to see is at the quarterback position. If you look around social media, Jimmy Garoppolo has been getting slammed left and right, and justifiably so.

When the organization thought they were making an upgrade at the position going from Derek Carr to Garoppolo, the reality is that they may have just made a lateral move, at best.

Now, fans are already calling for rookie fourth-round pick Aidan O'Connell to replace Garoppolo after just two weeks. And, they may be on to something.

Garoppolo needs to be the reason the Raiders win games, and he simply can't do that. He's more of a game manager than anything else. Meanwhile, O'Connell showed some things in the preseason and could come in and surprise us if given the opportunity.

If Garoppolo struggles in prime time next week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, don't rule out Josh McDaniels making a big time decision in giving O'Connell a shot in the near future.