3 Reasons the Las Vegas Raiders will earn a Wild Card spot in 2023

Despite another offseason of change, the Raiders looked good in the pre-season and are seemingly only their way to a playoff berth.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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3 Reasons the Las Vegas Raiders will earn a Wild Card spot in 2023

Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs is an important piece to the Raiders' offense and to the success of the overall team. Having Jacobs back in uniform for Week 1 for what amounts to junk change for ownership was important to the team.

Jacobs is also a threat out of the backfield in the passing game and with Davante Adams and the route running ability he has, the Raiders offense will be hard to attack this season. Also an important note, Kolton Miller was in the top 10 for offensive tackles winning rate against opposing pass-rushers at 93%.

Miller also won the majority of his run blocks at 83% giving him the term anchor for the Raiders.

Last season, Jacobs was the most important offensive non-quarterback player to a team as rated by Pro Football Focus. He rushed for nearly 1,700 yards and had 90 broken tackles and his 91 RB rating led the NFL in both categories. He also at a 4.9-yards-per-carry average

The success of Josh Jacobs is key to the success of the Las Vegas Raiders and getting the offense rolling. If the Raiders can get Jimmy Garoppolo playing at a high level, Josh Jacobs getting the ball and breaking tackles again, and the Defensive line playing to the level we know they can, the Las Vegas Raiders have a good chance of making the Wild Card in 2023.