Raiders Rumors: 4 AFC West trades that need to happen before the deadline

The AFC West could end up being one of the most active divisions at the trade deadline
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
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Trade Number 3: The Chiefs give Patrick Mahomes another weapon

It has been abundantly clear that the Kansas City Chiefs are not where they need to be on offense through six weeks. In fact, outside of their huge outpouring against the Chicago bears, Kansas City ranks no. 22 in the league in points per game. That's, uh, not ideal if you're looking at a Patrick Mahomes-led unit.

It almost seems like Andy Reid is unsure who he wants to try and make into the team's WR1 at this point. Maybe it could be rookie Rashee Rice, but he hasn't been given enough volume and opportunity to this point. Meanwhile, as we've already established, the Broncos are going to be big-time sellers. Jerry Jeudy's name has been in trade rumors for a while now, and he's also found himself in some recent controversy.

Jeudy trade

Whether or not you believe Jeudy is a WR1 is irrelevant. If he went to the Chiefs, they would make sure to use him like he is supposed to be used. There is no greater motivator for a player like Jeudy than to play with Mahomes. As a former first-round pick and Alabama standout, Jeudy knows the expectations on his shoulders.

Mahomes, Reid and company would ensure they get the absolute best out of Jeudy. He could completely flip himself mentally, to the point where he finally looks like the guy Denver drafted him to be, only now he'd be with a division rival.

Denver's price tag would likely be high, especially if he's traded within the division, so the Chiefs would pay up. Maybe, even more than a second rounder would have to be dealt.