Raiders Rumors: 5 candidates to replace Josh McDaniels as head coach

It's time to pull the plug on Josh McDaniels, and these five candidates would be excellent hires in 2024
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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Seven weeks in, and the Las Vegas Raiders are sitting at 3-4 and staring mediocrity in the face, as usual. It doesn't matter who is under center, what the scheme is offensively or how well Maxx Crosby plays, as long as Josh McDaniels is head coach, this will always be the Raiders.

Crosby cannot do it on his own. Davante Adams cannot do it on his own. The Raiders need more than just a couple of star players. They need real leadership; real coaching.

McDaniels has continued to prove that he's not the guy, and the Raiders should opt to cut ties as soon as possible to begin work on his replacement.

Speaking of McDaniels' ultimate successor, let's check in on a few candidates that might be good fits.

5. Ken Dorsey, Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills

In today's NFL, more often than not, you're going to want an offensive mind to come in and be your head coach. Teams are continuing to find out that you cannot win without good quarterback play, and you cannot have good quarterback play with poor scheme. The two go hand in hand.

Take Josh Allen, for example. His development under Brian Daboll and now Ken Dorsey is going to lead both of those individuals to head coaching gigs, with Daboll having been given that title in New York a year and a half ago.

Dorsey took over for Daboll as the offensive coordinator last year, and Buffalo continues to flourish offensively. Last year, the Bills finished as the no. 2 offense in football, putting up nearly 400 yards per game. This year, Buffalo is currently sixth.

Dorsey understands the league and where it's going from a player's perspective. Getting him in place would benefit whomever the future franchise quarterback ends up being (hint: it's not Jimmy Garoppolo).