Raiders Rumors: 5 candidates to replace Josh McDaniels as head coach

It's time to pull the plug on Josh McDaniels, and these five candidates would be excellent hires in 2024
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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3. Brian Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

Staying on brand, here, we look at Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson, who has had a close-up hand in developing Jalen Hurts since 2021. Now in his third season coaching Hurts, Johnson is looking like a sure-fire head coaching candidate in 2024. His name is going to be sought after by teams who desperately want a young, offensive mind.

The tough part about luring a guy like Johnson to Las Vegas, though, is the fact that the Raiders don't have their franchsie quarterback in place. Johnson may want to go somewhere like a team that ends up with Caleb Williams or Drake Maye in next year's draft. Or, maybe the Chicago Bears stick with Justin Fields, fire Matt Eberflus and bring in Johnson due to all of the comparisons between Hurts and Fields.

Regardless, Johnson should be on the Raiders' radar next offseason. They might have a hard time getting him to come to Las Vegas, but Johnson needs to be brought in for an interview. Who knows, maybe Las Vegas has a trick up their sleeve to acquire a franchise quarterback and then, Johnson would find the job more attractive.