Raiders Rumors: 5 candidates to replace Josh McDaniels as head coach

It's time to pull the plug on Josh McDaniels, and these five candidates would be excellent hires in 2024
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4. Frank Smith, Offensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

You're going to notice a theme with these candidates if you haven't already. Last year, Frank Smith was brought in to be Mike McDaniel's offensive coordinator in Miami and, to say the very least, it's been a match made in heaven. The Dolphins' offense has been one of the most explosive units in all of football.

Smith's background as an offensive line coach and run game coordinator could help the Raiders become a much more physical football team, as they need to be. Whether or not they have Josh Jacobs next year is irrelevant. This is a team that, no matter who ends up being the quarterback, needs to focus on the run, first and foremost.

Smith will do just that, while watching a successful run game open up for an aerial attack. Operating under McDaniel, who comes from the Shanahan tree, gives Smith a lot of insight scheme-wise. He is certainly going to be up there when it comes to coaching candidates next year.