Raiders Rumors: 5 candidates to replace Josh McDaniels as head coach

It's time to pull the plug on Josh McDaniels, and these five candidates would be excellent hires in 2024
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5. Ben Johnson, Offensive Coordinator, Detroit Lions

The most sought-after head coach candidate next offseason will undoubtedly be Ben Johnson of the Detroit Lions. Having been their offensive coordinator last year and this year, Johnson has proven to be one of the league's best at his job.

Look at the Lions' last few years. They traded away Matthew Stafford, received Jared Goff as a throw-in along with a couple of first-round picks and were thought to be using one of those picks on a quarterback in the coming years. That ship has sailed, and Goff has played great football the last season and a half.

Johnson's offense is fourth in the league in yards and eighth in points, even after putting up just six against Baltimore in Week 7 (we can chalk that up to a bad day all-around for Detroit).

Last year, Johnson was wanted in Carolina (among other teams interested) and turned down the opportunities to stay in Detroit because he liked what they were building. Now, with Detroit's continued success, there's no way he can refuse an opportunity to become a head coach. And, he'll definitely get it.

Any one of these head coaching candidates would be an upgrade over McDaniels, but will the Raiders make the smart move?