Raiders Rumors: The case to be 'buyers' or 'sellers' at the 2023 trade deadline

The Las Vegas Raiders are mired in a 3-4 season right now, and whether they buy or sell at the 2023 trade deadline, they cannot afford to be silent.

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Why the Raiders should be buyers

Coming off an emarrassing loss to the Chicago Bears, one would think that team owner Mark Davis would pivot to sell-mode heading into the trade deadline. Despite the 3-4 record, the Las Vegas Raiders have some valuable players they should turn into some draft capital next year, but instead, Davis doubled-down, and said the team is still trying to win.

While for most organizations, that should be music to your ears, for the Raiders, who are being led by an incapable head coach right now, that should be alarming. McDaniels has already ruined the stock of elite stars like Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller, so who knows what he could do to other key players over the rest of the season.

Still, if the Raiders are to be buyers, there is quality out there that can help this team despite McDaniels's best efforts to torpedo this franchise.

According to Bleacher Report, the list of impact players that could be available at the trade deadline is a big one, and there is certainly some Raiders flavor there. Hunter Renfrow is considered the No. 4 player available, while a defensive tackle they showed the door, Andrew Billings, is in the top 10.

That is a microcosm of just how bad Ziegler and McDaniels have been, as out of the top-10 players available at the deadline, two played for the Silver and Black last season.

Las Vegas is not without talent, as they have downright elite players on both sides of the ball, and should be a much more consistent team than they are right now. Maybe they swing for the fences for edge rushing help like Danielle Hunter or Carl Lawson, or even bolster the offensive line a bit, but right now, you could bring in Hall of Fame guys in their prime and this coaching staff would find some way to lose.