4 Davante Adams trades to help Raiders build for the future

The Raiders wide receiver is frustrated, but could the team actually trade him?
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
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Trade Number 4: Kansas City strikes fear into the NFL by trading for Adams

Any time you talk about an offensive weapon potentially being on the trade block, you have to mention the Kansas City Chiefs; at least since they decided to trade Tyreek Hill. I know Patrick Mahomes doesn't necessarily need an alpha dog at wide receiver, but imagine this offense if he had one again.

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The Chiefs' draft picks are always going to be toward the back end of the round, and they would have to give up plenty in order to pull off a trade within the division. Would this price be worth it for Kansas City? Maybe, maybe not.

But, imagine the fun Kansas City would have watching Mahomes and Adams light it up. Raiders fans would hate it, especially because another Super Bowl could be heading the Chiefs' way. But, for both sides, it might make sense.

In the end, the Raiders aren't anywhere close to contending and may be closer to a rebuild than anything else. Dealing Adams would sting, but it could be the best option at this point.