ESPN proposes Justin Fields-Raiders trade that might actually be a win-win

  • Raiders get a franchise quarterback
  • Bears get a franchise quarterback, and then some
  • Who says no?

Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields
Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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Why the Raiders win

The first reason is obvious. The Raiders need a franchise quarterback. It's really that simple. Fields has shown enough over three years to warrant being a starter in this league, and with the right system and talent around him, he could still have even more of a ceiling in front of him.

Financially, it makes a lot of sense. The Raiders get a guy who is still on his rookie contract and the fifth-year option is in play. At this point, Fields hasn't done quite enough to earn a long-term deal. Therefore, if he shows enough with Vegas this coming season, the team could pick up that fifth-year option without a problem.

That option gives them one more year without having to commit long-term. So really, the Raiders could have a relatively inexpensive starting quarterback for two years.

Fields also gives the Raiders another dimension that they haven't had in their offense. His rushing ability is top-tier, having been only one of three quarterbacks to ever run for over 1,000 yards in a season, and he's only 24 years old.

We know Fields is a big play waiting to happen with his legs. Having a receiver like D.J. Moore certainly helped him progress as a passer, and now he'd get to unite with Davante Adams. The possibilities continue to go up for the young quarterback, and Vegas could really have something in Fields for the long haul.