ESPN proposes Justin Fields-Raiders trade that might actually be a win-win

  • Raiders get a franchise quarterback
  • Bears get a franchise quarterback, and then some
  • Who says no?
Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields
Las Vegas Raiders, Justin Fields / Jeff Bottari/GettyImages
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Why the Bears win

Some Bears fans might hate to see Fields leave, and that's understandable. He is very likable. He's a great leader and teammate. And, he's been fun for Chicago to watch for a few years.

But, let's be real, here. If you have the opportunity to draft a generational prospect like Caleb Williams, you probably do it. Williams gives the Bears as sure of a franchise quarterback as they've ever had without even stepping on the field.

From the trade's perspective, the Bears get a second-round pick back in the fold. At the moment, they don't have a second rounder. They dealt one away to get Montez Sweat. So, in essence, the Bears trade Fields for Sweat and also end up with Caleb Williams. That seems like a no-brainer, in the end.

That second-round pick, then, could be used on some key positions of need for the Bears. There are likely to be two or three centers picked in the top two rounds, and that's one of the glaring issues in Chicago. A second-round pick, at no. 44 overall, should be enough for them to land a starter at that spot.