Trying to make sense of the Raiders pursuing Ryan Tannehill

Why? Just, why?

Las Vegas Raiders, Ryan Tannehill
Las Vegas Raiders, Ryan Tannehill / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

This offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders have yet to solidify the quarterback position. With second-year pro Aidan O'Connell and newly-signed Gardner Minshew, the team has the makings of two viable backups.

But, who's going to start? Surely, not one of those two, right?

One option, still out there, is veteran free agent Ryan Tannhill. The former first-round pick back in 2012 is still searching for his next home as Tennessee firmly moves into the Will Levis era.

Bleacher Report's Gary Davenport recently identified the Raiders as a possible landing spot for the veteran quarterback, oddly enough.

Davenport talked about the Broncos and not having another capable quarterback on the roster other than Jarrett Stidham at the moment, before he moved on to Las Vegas.

"Last year's 8-9 season leaves the Raiders too far down the draft to grab an elite arm without an expensive trade. And arguing whether Aidan O' Connell or Stidham is the better NFL starter is equal parts depressing and pointless," Davenport wrote.

The Raiders pursuing Ryan Tannehill seems like a lateral move waiting to happen

If the Raiders did, indeed, sign Tannehill, that would be nothing but bad news. First of all, that would mean Las Vegas is completely out on trying to select a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Obviously, with the 13th pick, Vegas would have to make a move up in order to land one of the top three or four prospects. That's a given. But, it's also feasible. Why wouldn't the Raiders entertain that idea over signing another veteran?

Tannehill wouldn't give the Raiders any better chance at winning than Minshew does, to be frank. Minshew will sling it. He'll keep the Raiders in games. He'll also make some costly mistakes, here and there.

But, so will Tannehill. He is even older and, to be blunt, he's looked washed for a couple years now. In eight games last season, Tannehill threw for 1,616 yards, only four touchdowns and seven interceptions with a rating of 78.5.

Going into 2024 with a quarterback room including Tannehill, Minshew and O'Connell would be less than ideal for the Raiders. Fans couldn't live with that. You know who else wouldn't appreciate it? Davante Adams.

The veteran wideout has been vocal about not wanting to wait around. He wants to win right now, and Tannehill wouldn't allow for that to happen. This would be yet another mediocre season waiting to happen in Vegas, and the organization cannot afford for that to happen.