3 players Raiders could trade during NFL Draft season

Who might be on the move in Las Vegas as the draft nears?
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Davante Adams, WR

This might sound a bit 'out there,' but let me try and explain. First off, Davante Adams seems to love head coach Antonio Pierce. That's not an issue. Adams clearly had a disdain for Josh McDaniels, as did a lot of his teammates.

But, last season, Adams was quoted in saying that he wasn't going to "wait around" in Las Vegas. He wasn't going to wait around until this team is finally ready to win, if it was going to take a while. And, if the Raiders don't come away with a franchise quarterback in this year's draft, then Adams could still be somewhat unhappy.

You have to see it from his perspective. He came here from Green Bay after having played with Aaron Rodgers. Las Vegas was exciting because he had an opportunity to play with his college quarterback, Derek Carr, until the Raiders threw their longtime quarterback under the bus and parted ways with him. Adams was then left with the quarterback situation that's evolved into whatever it currently is, rather than Carr or Rodgers.

He isn't having fun. We'll just put it that way. If the Raiders don't have an ability to compete right away, then trading Adams would actually make a ton of sense, getting a haul of picks and being able to plan their next year or two around finding that franchise quarterback, first and foremost.